Why has nobody mentioned Schaeffer Moly Pure?

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I have it in two vehicles now. Did not do any oil analysis on it yet. Shaeffer's really doesn't push because they feel their other oils are just as good. I just wish it were available in a 10W-30 or a 10W-40. The 5 gal pail it comes in is real easy to work with. I pour it into an empty 5 qt Mobil 1 container (I know I will slightly contaminate the Shaeffer's. I have it in a '97 Cav w 70K miles and an 01 2L Sentra. I have noticed a higher consumption with the Sentra, but its still under a qt./10K miles.
Al: Be sure to post those results when you get them.

I emailed Bob today for a price on the 5gal size. I know he's in St. Louis this week so probably won't hear back right away.

I'm interested in this oil for my 02 Volvo S40. It has a turbo so it's a bit harder on oil than most cars. I'm sure the blend is excellent for most applications, I actually have it in my 85 240, but want the most possible resistance to breakdown at high temps.

The specs on this oil look great. I think they could really compete with ols like Redline and Royal Purple for the performence crowd....especially if it is less than 8 bucks a quart.
Came across this on the Schaeffer site. http://www.schaefferoil.com/data/156.html

Looks like a really good oil. Must be all PAO, maybe a little ester (Great HTHS and Flash point 465degF). So it looks good on paper and I'm impressed with Schaeffer's additive package. Could be a good oil for my turbo S40....excellent antiwear package and a strong base oil to withstand the heat and shear of a turbo.

I'd like to try this oil but.....only comes in drums???
Any way some our freindly-neighborhood site sponsors can get me anything less than a ten year supply?

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