6th Gen Camaro LT1 Oil - Lots of Confusion

Oct 11, 2022
I recently bought a 2022 Camaro with the LT1 engine. You would think finding the correct oil for this would be simple, but I'm finding that it's anything but that, and hoping you can point me in the right direction with understanding some things.

Typical answer of "what oil do I run" would be "check your owner's manual."

OK let's check out page 316 and see what it says. We know we require "dexos2-approved" oil, and we can find the listing of approved oils at www.gmdexos.com.

The oil cap on my car says to run dexos2 0W-40. (Not going to get into the argument people have about what viscosity to run for different scenarios, this is daily driver).

Let's go to https://www.gmdexos.com/brands/dexos2/index.html and see what is on the list:


I have learned that "Mobil 1 ESP" is now called "Mobil 1 Supercar" and is rated dexosR (dexosR is apparently what the 2023 model year is calling for in the manual). This oil has the orange sticker.

The oil in question for this post is the Mobil 1 ESP x3. I have found this oil through AutoZone for $6.21/quart (was $5.xx last month) using their bundle w/ oil filter. (Return oil filter after).


I purchased a bunch of this oil because it was the correct viscosity, dexos2, and listed on the GM dexos2-approved website.

I am seeing a bunch of "social media parrots/sheep" I'll call them claiming it's the wrong oil, it's going to ruin my engine, I don't know how to read, it's a European formula, and a bunch of other comments. When I said "OK. I'm listening, here's what I've found, show me where/why I'm wrong" all I get back is "your car dude" or "we've already been through this" or "LOL good luck w/ yer warranty bro", but nobody can provide me any information WHY this oil is supposedly incorrect.

One comment that struck me was "It says 'European Car Formula right on the ESPx3 bottle! This is North America, you have a North American car!'"
Isn't dexos2 also used in a bunch of European-based cars?


(Not to be confused with the "European Car Formula" in the black-labeled bottle here):

The whole thing is just extremely confusing, and, not made any better by Mobil1 and all their slightly-differing offerings of very similar oils, at least to the untrained eye.

Would love if anyone could help me make heads-or-tails of any of this. Not looking for the "Just buy the Supercar" answer either...I am looking to understand the "why" of it all.

"Dexos" is an international certification, there's no US version and European version.. Simply put GM has recommended that you use oils with Dexos 2. Scuttlebutt is that Corvette owners got their panties in wad and opined that GM spec'd M1 ESP to protect emissions systems over engine longevity. The response by GM was to shut them up and stroke their egos by releasing "dexosR" even though the bottle still contains same old M1 ESP.

Interestingly GM is recommending a specific weight. Euro certs use, among other characteristics, HTHS to differentiate themselves. Dex2 has a HTHS of no less than 3.5, In the Euro world an oil with that HTHS can be 0w30, 0w40, 5w30, or 5w40. Weight is for the most part irrelevant outside of Porsche/VW and GM.

BTW you're fine. I'd bet the back of the bottles you purchased state Dex2.
You are reading it right, Dexos2 is the correct oil. It's based, or closely related to, the Euro ACEA C3 spec, but only because it was a sensible starting point, why reinvent the wheel.

It has high HTHS, mid-SAPS, good NOACK and high quality base stock. It's a good oil.

North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, ..... chemistry is the same everywhere and this oil has good chemistry.
I'm glad to hear this from people who know oil.
I was pretty sure I was not wrong, however the uneducated masses had me starting to second-guess myself on things.
I asked for any source of information that this was incorrect, but was only scoffed at...so I figured I'd ask those who knew best.



Then reason GM created the Dexos1 and Dexos2 oil standard is to simplify the process of buying the correct oil for the general public. It's to help people who don't know the difference between SAPS and HTHS, because they don't and shouldn't have to care about such details. It was a good idea, yet somehow the conversation above is looking for a problem that doesn't exist.

It's simple, follow the owners manual / oil cap and buy a Dexos2 0W40 oil.
Mobil 1 is an excellent brand who would do a good job of producing this oil.
The oil you have is the correct oil. I would ask those other guys to post a picture of what oil they believe to be correct.

The one guys comment about the X3 having higher zinc and ash is just wrong. That is true of the FS version.
Don't bother with idiots on a facebook forum. You will not blow your engine and get warranty denied after an oil analysis using that oil. They would just ask you for receipts if anything happened. If it's a Dexos 2 rated oil you should have no issues as long as your dealer isn't a crook.
This piqued my interest. Didn't know the engine is now called an LT1 (not LS?)- and the block was redesigned to gen V and has a variable displacement oil pump and engine driven fuel pump for D.I.

XoM reps talking about the new oil rec. I didn't watch past a couple mins in - but seems clear as mud a what this oil actually is. I guess like MB spec just go for the dexos2 (but in the Grade on your fill cap) ?

It appears reading the datasheet that ESP X3 was developed with Porsche to be improved over ESP.

So ... no worries!

Mobil 1™ ESP X3 0W-40
Mobil Passenger-Vehicle-Lube , United States
Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil
Product Description
Mobil 1™ ESP X3 0W-40 is an advanced full synthetic engine oil specifically designed to provide outstanding performance for high powered engines,
providing outstanding engine cleanliness, wear protection, strong durability and advanced fuel economy*. Mobil 1 ESP X3 0W-40 is our latest
technology developed in cooperation with Porsche, one of our key European Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Mobil 1 ESP X3 0W-40 has
been expertly engineered to help prolong the life in new emerging gasoline powered European vehicles.

*compared to our Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 / Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30

I appreciate all the replies and feedback to this.

I do not know much at all about oil, but I hate dis/misinformation that is regurgitated by the uneducated masses (Facebook, Social Media etc.).

Not a single person claiming that it was the wrong oil, despite being on the approved list, could give me one source of information on why it was the incorrect oil.

I've read a bit of stuff on this forum over the years, so figured it was time to ask the people who would really know.

Glad I asked, and those who know oil can confirm that it's just a bunch of clown-talk.
I hate that literally everyone has a platform these days.
Most YouTube car videos/channels are pure trash with someone driving around talking about everything except the thing that brought you to click on that video.
The oil you have is the correct oil. I would ask those other guys to post a picture of what oil they believe to be correct.

The one guys comment about the X3 having higher zinc and ash is just wrong. That is true of the FS version.
Their belief is that only the Mobil 1 ESP 0W-40 is correct, but not the ESPx3 "Because Europe".
Even though the ESPx3 is literally right there on the list.

ESP has been re-branded as "Supercar" now, and is dexosR and not dexos2.