Who uses Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic?

Nov 10, 2015
Portland, OR
I usually let price be my guide.
That many times has led me to buy Pennzoil platinum. I have never noticed a problem with Pennzoil platinum. I use the rebate section on the forum to help find deals. I also write up a email to my mom and dad to key them in on the deals. I would guess over the years I have used over 80 quarts my self to service my cars.
I have 3 vehicles One 4 qt car, a 7qt suv and one 8qt truck. The grades and specs are different and they are all under factory
The suv got a oil change this week
7qts 5w30 Pennzoil platinum bought on rebate. Oil was 1.58 a quart filter 4.79
A full synthetic oil change for less than 16 dollars is a deal. Will watch for another deal on PP to get another 10 quarts the suv really takes Closer to slightly less than 6.75 so I can probably get 3 oil changes out of 20 quarts.