Who uses Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic?

Jul 23, 2021
I believe Pennzoil is excellent oil. But I have frankly rarely used it.

Please only comment if you personally use or have used Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic in the last few years, and your personal observations and results. I will probably end up with most of this to use myself, and want to feel confident in using it.

The reason I ask is that I have a relatively large stash of 5w20, 5w30, and 0w40 (from a large oil purchase, thousands of quarts among many brands) and I have been selling all/any of my oil off. My observation is that nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to buy Pennzoil. Some actually refuse it. It's remarkable, really. Mobil1 is the overwhelmingly demanded oil; next is Valvoline, then Castrol... few are interested in Quaker State (a SOPUS product) and nobody wants Pennzoil. Odd, really.

So what are your RECENT Platinum FS experiences good or bad?
Once upon a time, conventional PYB had a high paraffin content. On this board its probably close to 50/50 Penzoil vs. M1. People that do not accept Penzoil Platinum as a "Very" top tier oil are just mis informed! "PENZOIL is a site SPONSOR"

I would venture to say that no one could infact say that their vehicles motor lasted longer on XX type of oil. Show the proof!

I use both, I built my stash on price, split between PP and M1 EP/AP, and Mobil Delvac for my trucks due to price alone.
I've used Pennzoil Ultra Plat 5w-20 w/ FL-500s filter in my 5.0 Coyote powered F150 almost exclusively for ~100,000 miles at this point. Granted I keep a short OCI, but at certain points I have tried other brands (Motorcraft, Valvoline, and Castrol). The coyote motors are known to "tick" at idle, and mine is no exception; PUP seems to quiet it down more than the other brands I've tried. I won't try to explain the reasoning behind that, just sharing my observation.

I too have pulled the valve covers on the motor, and the motor looks **** near brand new inside.

I'm not a Pennzoil fanboy or anything; it's usually available on Amazon for ~$22-24 per 5qt w/ free delivery, so it's more price/convenience than anything.

Generally speaking, I don't think there's much difference between most AP SP rated oils, assuming they meet application specs.
Pennzoil isn’t my first or second choice and I’m not sure why because it’s perfectly good oil. I think it’s because when I think of Pennzoil I am reminded of Jiffy Lube and a bad experience I had with them years ago. Or maybe it’s the color of the bottle, yellow is my least favorite color. 🤷‍♂️

However, I couldn’t resist a recent “sale” at Walmart and I picked up 6 jugs of PP for a couple bucks each. I just used one in my 2019 Kia Soul and so far so good.
Like you, I have used PP too but only when I can get it for le$$ than other brands. So I often buy something else and I have my fav's on a budget and most are on sale/rebate/closeout etc. It's been a rare case that I've needed to buy oil in a pinch for an OCI due to not having some in my stash already. When this should happen, I usually buy by price at that moment.
I received a bunch of PUP to participate in their UOA program. Doesn't burn and I guess it does the job. My OCI is between 5 - 7k miles with OEM filters with 2 new vehicles. Nothing to report, really. It's API synthetic oil. Not worried about any negative long-term effects. Scored ten 5qrt jugs of M1 courtesy of Walmart's friendly extension about 1 year ago. I'm sure if PP or PUP was causing engine damage due to oil failure, we'd hear about it, and see the roads littered with broken down cars. I'd use Supertech if it didn't burn off so much.
I've used PP 5w30 (or occasionally 10W30 in the summer) exclusively in my 2010 Yukon for the about the past 5 years and 80K miles. It had free oil changes at the dealer before that. The car now has 165k miles on it and I still don't have to add any oil in between the 6-7k oil changes. It also doesn't leak a drop of oil anywhere. At this point I'm scared to put anything else but PP in this car.
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i have used pennzoil platinum 5w30, platinum ultra 5w30 and platinum high mileage 5w30. it's all good. the high mileage version is my favorite. i use it even if the car is new or very low mileage. i do 8000 kilometers oci.
Used Pennzoil Platinum in a Taurus wagon with the 3.0 Duratec V-6 years ago. Worked well, no complaints. I've used it in my lawn equipment since, and my lawn tractor is 10 years old.
I've been using Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20 Full Synthetic in my 5.7 HEMI Jeep since I got it, (2015).I recently ordered a bunch Pennzoil Ultra Platinum online in the same weight, (5W-20). Because with all of the supply chain disruption, my local Wal-Mart can't seem to keep ANY Pennzoil Full Synthetic in stock.

I think the Ultra Platinum is "European Formula", or some such. To be honest, the only reason I bought it, is because it was actually cheaper, and it was the only Pennzoil Full Synthetic they had in 5W-20.
I used it for years when they were running their rebate program a couple years ago. Seemed fine, no better no worse than any other. It was only for 5,000 mile drains but I did use it in two different vehicles that carried the same weight requirements (a 2018 Silverado and a 2016 Toyota Avalon). Did fine in both.
I have used synblend and conventional in company leases and currently Platinum is in the van. No issues or discernible difference.

In my area Pennzoil is very clearly the most represented oil advertised for oil change places. That should account for some peace of mind as I see it. One cannot be certain that is what is actually being used however if it was perceived as garbage oil it would not be advertised.
I'm currently running PP 0w20 in my daughters new Mazda CX-30 with no issues. Pennzoil makes excellent products IMO.
I use it whenever I can get it on sale/rebate. In fact I just bought two jugs and will probably buy two more along, assuming the $25 rebate is hassle free. I never had any problems with PP and consider it an excellent oil.
I put PP in my new WRX when I did its first oil change at ~1000 miles. This comes after 30+ years of using conventional Pennzoil in all my other cars with no complaints. I don't buy the urban legends about Pennzoil=sludge. Maybe that was true in 1950.... But that was a long time ago.