What's the word on Valvoline advanced 5w30

It's a reason not to buy Valvoline
Could be. Could really be. I bought my last jug for the wife's Subaru.
And they just got together a killer formulation and adpack. Dang!

Then I just read this -

Financial Highlights
ARAMCO: Aramco achieved a record quarterly net income of $39.5 billion in Q1, an 82% increase from $21.7 billion in Q1 2021, primarily driven by higher crude oil prices and volumes sold, and improved downstream margins. May 15, 2022
CNBC: Net income rose to $42.4 billion for the quarter, up from $30.4 billion the previous year and just above expectations. The Saudi company also reported an increase in free cash flow to a record $45 billion from $28.7 billion one year prior and paid out its second-quarter dividend of $18.8 billion. Nov 1, 2022

... but ain't they all rakin' it in