What's the word on Valvoline advanced 5w30

Oct 10, 2010
What's everyone think on the Valvoline advanced 5w30? Haven't run Valvoline in awhile but it's cheaper to run now then my usual Castrol Edge. Like 7 bucks cheaper a jug on sale at Walmart compared to Castrol so was wondering what's the word on it. I take it that it's good being a modern synthetic.
What kind of vehicle do you have and whats your typical driving habits and OCI
Can't split 'em but Castrol seems to have the Edge in bottle design.

Valvoline is solid. I've used basically all of their products at one time or another. For awhile, in recent months, they were more expensive than Mobil 1 (at Walmart anyway) which I think is ridiculous, but now that the pricing is back down I think it's a good value again. Run with confidence.
I was a Valvoline guy forever years ago. But when there current stuff first came out it was over $30 bucks at walmart when everything else was $25. So of course no one here wanted it. Me either.

Now its cheaper than M1. But QSFS is cheaper yet at $23 and gets good reviews. I have QSFS in my rig now. Seems fine. I am sure they all are.

And Valvoline is now owned by someone other than Americans and who hate us, which means I won't be using it. Politics aren't allowed here so I will just leave it at that.
Have it in my Ranger for the first time right now. Will get a UOA afterward.
Agree that for a long time it cost more than others at Walmart and I was getting great UOA's with PP and saw no reason to change.
Supply chain issues being what they are, my brand loyalty is out the window and I just get whatever name brand synthetic 5w-30 I can find.