What oil for 90 deg., high humidity, hilly conditions and stop & go traffic.

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Apr 13, 2003
I have a 1998 4-cam V6 Honda Passport with 55,000 miles. Broke-in the engine carefully and changed oil every 3000 miles(Except for a couple times [Frown] ). The 1 hour commute to and from work requires a 30-45min. stop and go period and I encounter many long grade hills including a long steep one right before home. The weather here is 80-95deg all year long. I was considering using Chevron Supreme 10W-40 mainly because I can get it for $10 a case at Costco and because of reading some good reviews about it in this forum. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Why not a synthetic? It'll handle those conditions better. [ April 14, 2003, 05:27 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
Will M1 SS 10W-30 or 0W-40 do? I can get Redline locally but I don't know if I want to spend that much.
At 3000 miles Supreme seems to do a wonderful job I'm not sure syn oils are always necessary. Longer drains, exteme cold or high oil temperatures by heavy towing ,longer distance racing not drag racing Extreme use .Then use synthetic would be a good choice. Wear levels in the uoa's don't show a lot of difference unless the drain intervals get long. Will $5.00 per quart oil protect 4 times better than $1.00 per quart oil for how you use your Honda? 90 in Hawaii is perfect. Wish I was there clear up the sinus' you know. [ April 14, 2003, 04:48 PM: Message edited by: Steve S ]
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