Full synthetic oils and stop-n-go driving?

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Aug 26, 2017
Is it worth even spending money on full synthetic oils when the driver does a lot of stop and go driving in the city? I don't live far from work and since moving to the area there is a lot of stop and go driving due to 4 way stops and traffic lights. Also on the commute to work I really can't drive above 40 mph because of the speed limits (most of the time it's 30 mph). I'll do an occasional highway drive that can be from a half hour to two and a half hours once a month. I'm just wondering if I really am wasting money on these OCIs especially when I usually change them out at 5,000 miles.
Unless your car requires syn, I would run any namebrand dino in the correct grade,and call it a day.
After seeing what my father's well maintained Buick Century with about 80K looked like I'd only use synthetic oil. Driving conditions were similar. The background was he had given it to me instead of trading it in. He was the original owner and it had dealer and local shop dino oil changes every 3K miles or less, like clockwork. The engine ran well and was mechanically perfect. I took some through the fill hole pics of it and posted them here a few times. It did not look good.
Stop and go driving the hardest thing you'll do to your engine short of reving you engine with no load over 6 grand. Go Synthetic and don't listen to the other CARP!
I'm thinking about at least switching to a synthetic blend to save some money. I'm just trying to get the best out of my oil, while maintaining my car and trying to avoid fuel dilution due to short trips and not being able to get the oil to optimal temperature.
What kind of car do you drive? Going with a synthetic blend is not a bad idea if you are trying to save money. Another way is to keep an eye on brand website for rebates. Recently SOPUS had a $2 a quart rebate going. It might still be on. For a 5 qt jug that’s $10 bucks off.
With the price of synthetic oil, on sale, being close to regular oil, just go with synthetic.
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Take it on the highway once a week.
That didn't help with the Century I had. My father drove it at least twice a week on the parkway for 20-30 minutes. For the cost of synthetic oil today with rebates and oil change specials it's a no brainer to be honest.
IMHO, short tripping in cold weather is a good reason to do 2,000-3,000 oil changes, on just regular "dino" oil, in engines that are "easy" on oil (most any American V8) If you live up near the land of the red maple leaf, going with synthetic in the winter just makes life easier for everybody. 5,000 miles can be handled by nearly any synthetic, even lots of short trips in cold weather.
If your car doesn't consume much oil, synthetic oil would be great for protecting in all those cold starts and putting up with the fuel dilution. If your car consumes a lot of oil, short trips and mild use might allow oil to accumulate in the combustion chambers, which might cause other problems. Might be best to stick with a conventional, as that might burn off more easily.
There are plenty store brand synthetic oils that come with an oil filter for $24.99+tax, or even less. O'Reilly's Synthetic, STP Synthetic from AutoZone, CarQuest Synthetic from Advance Auto Parts. WalMart has plenty of synthetic oil&filter options for under $25. You will save a lot more money by changing your driving habits, if saving money is what you truly desire. Accelerate slowly, brake gently in advance, and other little tricks will save you enough money in a year to pay for 2 oil changes next year. Your driving style is the worst for oil, so use nothing but synthetics. Save money elsewhere.
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Conventional oils are like Ramen noodles - they will work fine a few times, but long term use will lead to serious issues. Use synthetics.
What? Long term use of conventional oil will "lead to serious issues?" How so?
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What? Long term use of conventional oil will "lead to serious issues?" How so?
If I was to say that you'd accuse me of trolling. grin2
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