What does API certification cost?

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Aug 6, 2003
Terra firma
RL doesn't have it and neither does Amsoil. Lots of other manufacturers of small batch/boutique oils don't and on this DB it's pretty much accepted that the above companies meet the specs without paying for the certification.

So, what does it cost? I'd tend to think that having the cert would make it easier to market the oil but perhaps the target purchasers don't care about a label but instead performance.
It costs a lot, but that is not the reason they are not API-rated. I believe the reason they are not is that they could not meet the GF-3 spec, which greatly reduced the phosphorous allowed, in order to save the mfr's from having to replace costly catalytic converters. Trouble is, many tribologists do not believe that the anti-wear "replacements" for ZDP are as good - witness Mobil's new Mobil1 R formulation, which has high levels of ZDP, and although I have not seen a bottle, I would guess it is not API-rated. I may be wrong.
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