What do you think I should offer for this Mercedes?

Per the owner, it needs a seat fuse (the front power seat isn't working fuse is blown out $6 from Auto zone 30 AMP), it needs a motor mount ($27 off amazon). Not sure how hard it is to put in or what a mechanic would charge for labor. Needs a good clean which you can tell from the pics (I can do that myself), a hood ornament ($18 off ebay), and the rear bumper needs some paint (I'll probably just leave it like that or spray paint that area $6 for a white spray can from Autozone).

I'm thinking about buying it and flipping it. Market value is $5,383. I can fix it up (my budget to fix it is $500 (oil change would be around $60 diy. Spark plugs if needed $40 for 12 from Autozone apparently each cylinder has 2 spark plugs. Air filter and cabin air filter if needed is $25 for both from auto zone). So, I am looking at $162 for things it needs and basic maintenance.

I could list it for $6k and sell it for $5k or around that.

I'll have $338 left if anything else pops up.

Owner says the car has no oil leaks and such. I offered him $1,300. That's $200 below rough trade-in (a dealership would probably offer him $1k since it needs a few things).

What do y'all think?
FYI You need to use Mercedes plugs as they are the only ones indexed correctly. Also there might be a problem that is blowing that fuse.
Still seems like an auction car he paid 500 for. As mentioned the driver’s seat looks like double the miles.
Yeah, idk. Could be a fat dude 😂.

I asked him if he can send pics of the odometer and vin he said yeah later.

He’s all the way in the city too. So, it’s about a 1hr drive for me
This does not look like an honest car. Seat, armrest and steering wheel look really worn, and thats after detailing. right fender has some bad juju at the a pillar. Back bumper looks to be sagging in the middle, and may have been popped out on the passenger side corner. None of this stuff could be anything big, but its painting a picture. You get what you paynfor.