What do you like about your job/employer?

Office sits on the rail line, the office we're moving to does as well. For now, they're providing lunch and free snacks & drinks in all the break rooms. Pay is great, they seem to really value their employees. Generous vacation up front, 7% 401k match.
Small company with good C-level execs who's been in their line of work for a long time. Promote from within first. No drama, and the little there is, is easy to tune out. Little red tape.
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They told me to go home in February of 2020, because of the general over-reaction to C-19. I cleaned out my office and I still haven't gone back. No commute, no parking, no boss, no co-workers, no worrying about lunch, work in your pajamas, ride the bicycle 15 miles on my lunch hour everyday, log off at 5pm and be home at... 5pm. I haven't been face to face with my boss in nearly 2 1/2 years.

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No job is perfect.

Luckily I have a very good boss, low stress job, great benefits and 2 months paid time off every year.

I work from home 50% of the time.
EXTREMELY lenient and easy work... profitability comes from tips, yes, however, happy to have my present work as a baseline.

Sometimes, I post when I get a good line-up of cars, as recently as that Grand Marquis next to the 300C... I get to park a wide variety of cars, not even sure you can call that work.

I love it so.