VW PS G004000M2 in Dex3 PS application ok?

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Sep 13, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
As the title says, looking for some feedback from knowers. I guess it's "probably ok". Thought I'd ask here in case it's very different stuff. I used to have an Audi. Have some of the PS fluid left. So it's either use it or turf it. Looking after someone's old Mazda 121 that specifies Dextron 3 for PS. Looking for compatibility feedback of the implications of putting the fully synthetic VW/Audi G004000M2 into an old PS unit that specified Dextron 3. Cheers.
If the Mazda specified Dexron-III then use Dexron-III. The Volkswagen fluid is equivalent to Pentosin CHF 202. This isn't something you want to experiment with. Use what the mfgr. tells you to use and recycle the VW fluid.
A PS system requiring DexIII isn't likely very picky. That said, I would be more inclined to dump the VW/ 202 stuff in a DexIII system than dump DexIII in a VW/ 202 system. Stranger things have been done though..
It should be okay, certainly better than the reverse. wink But, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Take a look at both the Pentosin and Beck Arnley site. While not terribly user friendly, both sites list some compatibility guidelines for the product. If it were me, my fear wouldn't be using it in the system, but mixing with what's in there already. For instance, the Pentosin stuff is supposed to be suitable for use in my G37. However, I'd only consider that with a complete flush and fill. I'm not so very desperate to find things to do that I want to do flush and fills with a $30 per litre fluid in a system that calls for Dexron-VI at a quarter that cost. wink Of course, you're looking to use up product, and the mixing would rule it out for me.
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