Victory XC notchy shifting

I'm kinda late to the party here, but I use the T6 syn in my '13 XCT without any issues--I can't tell the difference in shifting between it and the OEM oil during an OCI. I do a mix of long trips and short trips during a riding season and the bike sees all kinds of climates / weather. I feel like I'm pretty much in tune to how my bike runs and have never noticed the notchy shifting that many of you have noticed. I also have a UOA that backs up the notion that T6 works well in the Victory 106 platform. --Rob
I do find it odd how it works great for many people but for some it degrades rather quickly. I don't have answer as to why specifically beside maybe how the bike is ridden. I know I tend to ride harder than some people which may factor into that. Especially that trip where we were riding mountain passes that had fun twisties, I couldn’t resist having some fun but also the high temps (100+) probably had an effect on it as well. Since I likely won’t have a comparison with another oil and similar conditions I may never know if the M1 would fair better. Though I have seen that M1 generally outperforms most oils regarding sheer strength. That trip put a bad taste in my mouth for T6 and I don’t think I’ll give it a second chance it sheered in less than 1500 miles no matter what the conditions were. Either way, if T6 works for you, keep using it. It just didn’t hold up for me.

Out of curiosity, what filter do you run? I run a Fram Ultra XG 7317. I know many run a Napa filter, but I don’t have a Napa near me.
most heavier oils will prolly be fine, BUT depending on your ambient temps where you ride longevity will vary IMO. today almost all "synthetic" oils are the cheeper group III highly refined crude oils good but not as good as PAO + Ester oils that dont get as thick in the cold + thin less in the heat + of course last longer + protect better. you can use cheeper stuff + if you DIY oil changes its prolly cheeper which we all like. when the ruling allowing group III oils legally marketed as synthetics even Mobil I previously PAO + Ester REFORMULATED using still good but not as good cheeper group III oils!
Motul 7100 and be done with it. All that crappy cheap oil is really hard on shared sump transmissions. You will find switching to a high ester oil such as Motul 300V or 7100 will have your transmission shifting a lot smoother.