Valvoline 0/20 Racing Synthetic

It's the VR-1 0w20 sheet that says no VI improvers are used. And this Synpower racing sheet is dated 1999. Both these oils have been around awhile. [ February 22, 2003, 04:43 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]


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I have yet to see a date of earlier than 2002 for the new 0/30 MXL Synpower imported for the MB/s nor has this watchfull eye ever seen or heard of a VR1 Racing Synthetic,High Performance Synthetic or a Valvoline Synpower Racing Formula prior to yesterday. 1 month ago before these new oils were shown, the website spoke of a new 10/40 Synthetic Racing oil,I called and of course the guy on the phone had not heard of it,,they are offering a 10/40 M/C oil and a 20/50 counterpart ,this I have seen and are new products also. Some of these oils are new and worth taking a look at IMO. The 0/30 MXL is only available in 55 gallon drums that are sold to MB Dealesrships. It is the imported product from Europe I was told. IMO Valvoline is pretty bad about not knowing their products and the likes,time will tell but I am wiling to bet these oils will be popping up on the store shelves soon,,they even have a new 10/40 HD Diesel oil along with a 5/40 HD Diesel oil. I think Valvoline has stepped up to the plate here with alot of new stuff. Time will tell