Ultra... Take THAT Pennzoil - w/pics

I was not even aware of this oil (before my BITOG time) but Iwas going way back in the UOA's last week and when I saw it I couldn't help but thi k, dang, that's beautiful and betterbthan what they're selling now! GTL must be some mighty economic imperative if they were willing to stop selling the old Ultra.


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I missed this post during my time away. ... No words. They should have sent a poet! crzy
Yes I found it in my bookmarks again,still drooling
901Memphis, maybe I can make you drool just a little more. Here's some Pennzoil Ultra I've got sitting in my garage. Enough for 2 oil changes left, it'll be going in after the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum GenaFishbeck is sending me. Imagine this: Classic Pennzoil Ultra & a Fram Ultra for 10k miles... Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!
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Is Pennzoil Ultra conventional or synthetic. I've never heard of it.
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So I was on a business trip about 2 hours from home today... stopped by local WM and found a stash of Ultra 5w-30! All were SN with dates from 10-12 to 2-13. Funny thing is, they were on the clearance rack but had no price on them. I inquired with a worker... he couldn't help... got manager... manager didn't seem to care. Asked how 99 cents for the quarts and 3.99 for the jugs sounded. He said they were not stocking Ultra anymore and he was sick of seeing them... had a really apathetic attitude. Anyway... he asked how many I wanted and I said all of them. He looked at me like I had a mental disorder... I just smiled and thanked him. It was a little embarrassing walking out with that many in a cart, but I could care less. 15 x $3.99 = $59.85 10 x $0.99 = $9.90 Paying $69.75 for 17 Ultra oil changes = priceless P.S. I'm still pi$$3d at Pennzoil for their shenanigans with Ultra!
Holy Buckets! What a score!!
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Holy oil that is an awesome score! I wouldn't even know what to do if I saw a jug of oil without a price tag on it. Also, I wouldn't really know what to do with that much 5w-30, other than throw it in the brother's car or the lawnmower. I'm going for 0w-20 from now on in mine. I just cannot believe how lucky that score is! I haven't even SEEN PU at my walmart!