Toyota 1.8L 4 banger = sludger?

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Dec 2, 2002
Washington St.
The two engines that got the most press about the gel or sludge were the 3.0 litre 1MZ V-6 and the 2.2 liter 5SFE four. I haven't heard a cogent reason why these engines were the sludge makers and not the others of similar design. This V6 used in the cramped, hot engine compartment of the Sienna may have been part of the cause, but this engine also was a sludger in the Camry, Avalon, and one Lexus. Ken
I'm pretty concerned about sludge issues with my 94 Corolla. I need to change my oil today as my auto-rx treatment is now past 1,000 miles. I really didn't have that great of luck with Mobil 1 in my 99 V6 Grand Am as many people know from previous posts. Should I try it in the Corolla just to alleviate the sludge concerns? I really hate to spend **** near 4 times the money for an oil that may not even show as good a wear results as some regular dinos will at 3,000 miles. [I dont know]
Drew, I wouldn't worry about your corolla, they are pretty sludge free from the 4af series and up. I have a 5sfe camry 4cyl and it seems to be ok, though I do get worried. My friend who is a master mechanic at toyota said that the 6cyl camry engine is the main trouble maker, said the intake plenum is too close to the back of the engine thus cause a hot insulated pocket for the engine and a cold spot from the intake plenum. This causes the sludge, a friend has the old 4cyl 3sfe engine 2.0 liter, 1989 Camry and has had it for 258,000mi while changing the oil whenever..WAY beyond 3-5K/oil change. One time i went to do the oil change for them, and saw the dipstick at low (BLACK oil) and 1/4" of sludge under the cap. Looked in the valve cover and just saw black. But hey it's still running and WELL!! BUt back to your corolla, haven't heard or seen a sludge problem with the corolla, I believe the old 4afe/4aGE engines can take some abuse with lack of oil changes, not sure about the brand new 1.8liter ones.
I went with regular old pennzoil 10w-30 for now. I sat there at Advance Auto parts contemplating whether I should go with Mobil 1 and decided screw it, why pay 3 times as much for something that probably won't show any better wear numbers every 3,000 miles. Long drains I just don't want to risk. I do about 5 trips of less than 5 miles every day, and rarely hit the highway. Plus I can hear a slight bit of piston slap in the Corolla. Mobil 1 made piston slap 3 fold worse in my Grand Am for some reason.
Does anyone know whether the 1.8L 7AFE found in Corollas/Celicas is considered a sludge monster? They have the same DOHC setup where one cam is driven off the timing belt and the other by gears that are attached to the ends of both camshafts, just like the Toyota V6s. Isn't that the main reason most Toyota's create sludge so rapidly? Thanks
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