Syntec Blend

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May 16, 2003
Well today I changed from M1 back to Castrol.
I put Castrol Syntec Blend 10w/30 and a K&N filter. Went back to 10w as the temps are starting to break.
My 2.7L Tacoma sounds quieter than with either the M1 5w/30 or 10w/30.

I'm gonna run it for 3000 miles even. If I got $20 laying around then I'm gonna run a UOA.

Judging from the latest Syntec Blend UOAs I should do just fine with this particular oil.
Glad to hear it's quieted things down in your truck. I wonder what the percentage is of synthetic in the Castrol blend? Recently I decided to make my own Castrol blend of one part Syntec 5w-30 and 3 parts dino GTX 5w-30 - hopefully the Camry will like it.
Syntec Blend is impossible to find in my area. Everywhere I go (PepBoys, Kragen, independent stores) it's sold out. Other blends are still on the shelf but guy at Kragen said that when they get Syntec Blend, people buy cases of it
Is it really that good? I've been thinking of using this blend lately....looks like other people did too.
The 5w-30 Syntec Blend did well here . The 10w-30's will even do better at resisting thinning down .


5k miles and still over 10cSt's . The Valvoline Durablend stays in grade well also . Makes for a cleaner engine in the long run .
Nauseator sorry to hear it's hard to find out your way. I just bought 2 cases on sale for $1.98/qt.
I know what you mean about having a tough time finding the Syntec Blend. Actually, there is plenty of the 5w-30's, 10w-30's, etc., but it's almost impossible to get my hands on the 5w-20. I'm hoping it's still so new that it is in limited supply, but I've never been able to find more than a bottle or two (at most) at Wal-Mart. AutoZone doesn't even carry it, and Advance Auto doesn't seem to know if they do or not (
). I'm just not into extended OCI's, and hate spending $4.78/quart of the Mobil1 0w-20 when I change my oil so frequently.
I bought a jug of the 10W-30 Syntec Blend last weekend at WalMart. It seems to be readily available around here.

It will go into my RX-8 on the next change. I like that its A1, A5 rated.
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