Should I return 7.5 yr-old New Old Stock (NOS) Fram Ultra Synthetic filters or buy more?

When the new Ultras started hitting the shelves, Fram's website didn't have any updated info on the Ultra to reflect the new design change. I just looked now at their website, and they don't mention anything about the wire backing on the Ultra any more, and actually show the new box. So apparently they are updating their website as time goes on. They still call it the "Fram Ultra Synthetic", but in the details say it's a "Dual layered synthetic blend media".

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So when the change started happening, nobody would even know if the media change and absence of the wire backing took place unless they are here or on YouTube looking at oil filter information. Only thing Fram did was take the wire backing statement off the box and put a blurb about the base gasket in it's place - a minimum existence of a change notice, but only if you already knew all about the Ultra to start with.

Their real ploy is to make a design change as quiet as possible and hope nobody really noticed or cares. 🤫:)
The (newer) box I have still says "Dual layered synthetic media..." yet the website description says synthetic blend, interesting. As I said, the one I received does have a screen inside, so my particular item is labelled correctly.

Thanks for posting this, Zee
The first 2 in the list were made before the change seemed to start. The XG10575 you received was probably one of the last wire backed original design, and happened to make it into a newly labeled box. Got lucky. :)
Yes, I did get lucky!

Just received the order, all 5 have date code A12852, Oct. 12, 2021. They all DO NOT have the metal screen visible through the inner tube.

So, sometime between Sept. 21, 2021 (A12641) and Oct. 12, 2021 (A12852) the change was made.

Now if we can get Andrew at Ascent Filtration Testing to test this one.......
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