Shopping for used 2 stage snowblower

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Aug 20, 2003
So, I'm looking for a good 2 stage snowblower, mainly because my concrete is in poor condition and on a slope. It was a pain in the butt to use my toro single stage on it last year.. It will be getting a new home at my grandma's her driveway concrete is in amazing condition and perfectly flat. Ideal conditions. Is there any particular models I should avoid or any that I should consider more? Anyone in NE ohio have a reliable one they want to sell me?
Toro 824s seem popular here. I like finding non running ones for $50 then repowering them with OHV "chondas". 824 (8 hp, 24" swath) is about the right size for wrestling, esp if you want the option of wifey helping. Not a fan of the stock tecumseh engines so if they look at me wrong they get yanked off. Ariens makes pretty nice stuff too. Nicer than the toros, some say, but a little more pricey.
Simplicity, Ariens and Toro for domestic brands. Try to get something over five years old. They're built sturdier than newer machines. You can't go wrong with a Honda or Yamaha if you can get one for a reasonable price.
The only problem with a lot of old iron is the performance. They're heavy-duty as all get out, but may not throw snow worth a darn due to excessive impeller to impeller housing clearance. Not a huge deal if this is the case. Order a Clarence impeller clearance kit or fab up your own. It's just something you want to keep in mind. Joel
I've been looking its slow going people either want GOLD for rusted out piles.. or want 50$ less than new price for their 3year old.... or have "like new I hit it with curb works great needs new auger" for 2/3 new price... lol edit: almost forgot.. the "works great 25 year old ones" "wont start needs new carb" 300$
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I am also in the market for a new (to me) snowblower and agree with the used prices...ridiculous. I am done battling with a 60's unit that I cannot get parts for repair. I started looking around at new. Any chance that the big box stores carry a decent product for homeowner use? Mostly looking at a 24-26" width 2 stage. Electrolux ones look to be decent (Poulan Pro/Husqvarna)...? I realize that the quality will not be the same as a "name brand" from a private dealer. Am I just better off buying an 80's model Toro for $300 vs. new $600 for an electrolux at big box...?
I bought a 1980 or maybe 1970 28" Montgomery Wards snow blower last fall for $75. Thats what the plow guys want for one storm. It was old iron but ran pretty well, but not flawless. Metal gas tank, glass fuel bowl. No headlight, no safety anything. It starts fine with the machine in gear and auger running. I live near Albany and it worked for every storm last winter and we had a lot. It blew the snow just fine up and away. I was tempted to buy one on EBAY. They had some huge new ones from China for very good prices. Like a 32" for $699. My drive needs 4 passes, its item 4 and not too wide. But if I could do it in 3 passes, the snow blower would end up at the far end of the drive, so 4 is fine. I would like larger tires or chains. If you go to Lowes or HD look for a non MTD manufactured machine. MTD makes Troybuilt, MTD, Craftsman (I believe), Bolens. would look for
I was looking at used as well- prices here were way too high as well for me. I believe that Toro may be running their 0% APR for 18 months again. That was why I took the plunge last year.
There's an airens made slightly chintzy one at Home Depot that some say are not decontented too badly. Plastic chute instead of metal, etc. Craigslist here has lots of cheap blowers. (Now- haha)
I've got a Troy-Bilt, made by Garden Way. Good machine. MTD bought the Troy-Bilt line, they are now different machines, and I don't know their present quality. MTD also markets their machines under the MTD, Yard Man, Yard Machines brands. (More brands for lawn equipment.) (I think Sears Craftsman are Husqvarna/Poulan/McCoulloch.) Look at new machines to find the features you want. You might want heated grips (I like them). You might want lights. You might want electric start. If there will be any rocks, avoid plastic parts. Find out how easy it is to change the shear pins in the auger in case you hit a chunk of ice or other debris. If you'll be on ice, be sure tire chains of the right size are available.
Just noticed Lowes has 15% off troybuilt snow blowers you can sign up on their site for the 10% off moving coupon that stacks also. Still not cheap enough really.. the super basic 2 stage is still 500$ and bad reviews.. would probably have to pony up for the 899$(before discount) model.
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