Saturday, June 27

Jun 2, 2003
Last Saturday, in the early evening hours I drove to Daly City to check out the new standpipe that I have been noticing from afar for about two years. Like most standpipes around here, it too bristles with antennas. It's possible to walk right up to the fence that circles the base of the structure. Pretty cool. Anybody remember Stephen King's It and the Derry standpipe? I then drove back to San Francisco and stopped at Lake Merced, which is right in the city. On the far shore, there is Harding Park, which is also home to a public golf course: A planet is visible: I was just about to leave, when behind me, on another golf course, fireworks were launched. The spectacle took about 20 minutes. I could not find out who was responsible. Most likely it was a private event. I could hear a large group of people somewhere on the gold course behind the trees. I suppose I'm done with the 4th of July fireworks for this year! The bright light off towards the right top is the moon, which is of course hopelessly overexposed at an exposure time of 20 seconds and F5.6 at 100 ISO. The climax of the spectacle trended towards "nuclear event:" A quick moon shot: