safe distance for supreme or purebase

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Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
I assume Patman is referring to the Dino Oils. I would gree with that-but wouldn't go any further. Who knows with the Walmart Group III - no information available. Mobil 1 - safe is a relative term. Probably totally safe is 6K. But reasonably safe would be 7-10 K miles. Possibly safe-maybe- would be 10-14K miles. Really haven't seen Mobil 1 beyond 15K miles. I like to see an analysis at about 6K miles or so. And before I would drive 5K repeatedly with dino to 5K miles-I wold like to see an analysis.
Yep, I was referring to the dino oils. I believe that in the warmer months, you can easily go 5k on dino oils with pure highway driving. He mentions 10w30 as well, I should add that I wouldn't feel safe going 5k on 5w30 dino oil.
What is a safe distance for these two dyno oils. I drive 80% to 90% highway miles. Also maybe safe distance for a group 3 like supertech synthetic and finally distance for mobil 1, all under this condition of 80% or 90% highway and probably 10w/30.
Unless it's a vehicle that's hard on oil (such as the Toyota V6s) I would say you should have no problem going 5000 miles on your intervals in the warm months.
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