Rust Proof Brake Rotors?

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A decent number of companies offer this or something similar. I've bought similarly coated rotors from Zimmermann and AC Delco.
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And how many braking cycles before that is worn off. Sounds like a gimmick!
It's supposed to wear off the braking surface. That's how it's designed. The benefit of these fully coated rotors is that the entire rest of the rotor, including inside the hat and in the vanes, will remain fully coated. Another thing about most of these, is they're ready to go out of the box. No cleaning needed like with raw steel rotors.
I've installed 2 sets of Wagner e-coated rotors and they seem to be holding up fine. Before that, I used VHT high temp caliper paint on rotors before installing. Tape off the braking surface (although about a day of driving would remove any paint on it) and spray. They seem to be holding up too, but I bet they won't do as well as the factory coated ones.
Put the AT rotors on the explorer with that grey coating. Very curious to see how it holds up. After a couple years my frontline rotors on the f150 are starting to age... But worlds better than plain uncoated rotors.
Raybestos supplies these rotors under the NAPA Ultra Premium line and I've used them in three vehicles so far. It's better to spend the extra for coated rotors so they don't turn into a rusty mess a couple hours after especially with wheels with an open spoke design.
I put AutoZone duralast gold rotors on the rear of wife's Sienna last year. Just checked them and still no rust. They have a black zinc coating. Lots of salt here in Iowa.
I think Bosch QuietCast offers the same. Might be easier to find, depending on where you buy your auto parts.
Yes, put Callahan slotted discs on ~9 months ago … not a speck of rust and thicker too …
I got some from RockAuto that have the hat and vanes coated with black something or other, DURA INTERNATIONAL. Not expensive either.
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I haven't bought rotors in over 5 years. When did these come onto the market??
AFAIK, Centric made the premium rotors with the E-coating since at least 2008. The company was founded in 2000 The competitors just started copying Centric's idea just within the last year or so. But the e-coating process itself has been around since 1930.
Yeah I like my Duralast Gold rotors on my car. I bet they will be rust free for just about their whole lifetime in use.
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