Rotella Syn and QS 4x4 Syn Blend

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Question regarding these two oils. I have a 94 Nissan 4x4 with 99k miles, uses no oil, currently running Havoline 10w30. I also have a 00 Trooper that uses 1 qt between changes, it also has Havoline 10w30. I saw the Rotella Syn 5w40 in wallyworld this morning at $12.84 per gallon. Then I also saw the QS 4x4 Syn Blend 10w30 at $10 and change per gallon. Now which of these two would be better for either and/or both of these applications? I know the Havoline is a great oil but both of us drive a max of 4 1/2 miles each way to work, and both vehicles do occasionaly get some interstate driving, especially in the hot NC summer hence the desire for at least a syn blend. Thanks, this is a great forum by the way [Big Grin]
The Havoline 10W30 sounds like it is doing good for you. But if you were to switch to one of the oils you listed I would chose the Rotella 5W40 over the QS.
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