Racing Oil

May 28, 2014
I race with the SouthEast Gassers. 1966 Chevy II, 100. Fully fabricated frame, drag only car. 477 ci big block Chevy engine, G-Force,4-speed trans. Leave the line around 7500 rpm, shift around 8300. I use Schaeffer racing oil, straight 30W. After the 2019 season, I pulled the engine down for a freshen up, and may I say, that the bearings looked almost brand new !!! They looked so new that I sent them to get Micro Blue coated. I haven't pulled it down this year, and probably won't, as good as it looked last time. I love that Schaeffer oil. Look up the SouthEast Gassers on youtube. All high winding, 4-speed, no breakout drag racing, and all cars are 1967 or older.