Quaker State-Pennzoil frankenblend?

Ahha you mean for the product. Sorry I misunderstood.
Not a problem. I wasn't very clear in that, and virtually always on this forum warranty means vehicle OEM warranty. I guess it comes so many years of looking at things from the oil wholesaler's point of view and assuming everyone else does too.
a couple of changes back I found 4 quarts 10w40 QS HM on clearance at WM for $1 each. Now, I normally run 10w30 in my 5.4 3V

So I ran the QS HM 10w40 in my Navigator's crankcase mixed with 3 quarts of 10 year old, SM rated Mobil Clean 5000 5w20. Ran it for 5000 miles.

Engine's still running.
My 5.4 3V has three or four different grades of dino, synthetic and hm oil mixed together and is running fine at 215,000.
Nothing wrong with a good Frankenblend! We even had a recent (last year) thread dedicated to our mixes:
I mix 50/50 QSFS and PUP in the winter for extra protection and the moly. Just did my 5k OCI and my GF's Forrester with it last night as a matter of fact. I'm 5W30 and She's 0W20. I save my PUP for the winter since it's $$$ now and run QSFS straight the rest of the seasons and since I have a stock pile of it.
So going through the odds and ends in my garage, stuff I had leftover from my old car, my next oil change will be

1 qt Pennzoil Platinum HM 10w30 SP
1 qt Pennzoil Platinum HM 5w30 SN
1 qt Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 SP Dex1G3
1 qt Quaker State Full Synthetic 10w30 SP

That leaves me .5 quarts short. The engine is a Buick 3800 Series III from 2005 with 154000 miles. The current fill is PP 5w30.
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