Quaker State 5W30 High Mileage deal at Walmart

That's a good looking oil except the viscosity is a bit high (12 cSt) for a standard 5W-30.
Closer to the Viscosity of the old 0w-30's.
The 12 CST is it's best feature - probably has a HTHS near 3.5. Kind of like buying a 5W-30 Euro ACEA approved oil that also conditions your oil seals to help prevent them from leaking.
I would say Valvoline Maxlife has more moly and boron. However Im not sure if that will make a difference over the Quaker State HM. Valvoline Maxlife isnt Dexos whereas Quaker State HM is Dexos.

The Quaker.State formula seems more robust versus the store brand "SuperTech".

If buying.the 12 quart box for $58 the Valvoline is about $4.83 per quart. The Quaker State HM is about $3.8 per quart.

The Valvoline Maxlife is the better formula but the best value is the Quaker State HM.
Yeah, but how much more is the Max Life Full Synthetic over QSHM Full Synthetic? Adds up quickly depending on how many jugs you get for a period of time.