PUP vs Shell gas & truck

Jul 27, 2021
Dover Delaware
I read something the other day, that sales were better on 5W30 Pennzoil ultra Platinum, then Shell gas and truck, so they discontinued Shell gas and truck, but it also went on to state that according to VOA'S they are virtually the same oils.
I did a search I was unable to find current VOA's on both of them oils..

Thank you.

googled in 1 min
Which oil would let your engine out last your ownership of the vehicle? [Either one.]
Most definitely, but Shell gas and truck they don't even manufacture anymore.. I'm running 5W-20 now and I'm thinking of going to a 5W-30.
The RGT was good oil but nothing stellar by any means and used an additive package that was slightly different from QS and from the comments on here it was actually more comparable but the QS did have higher moly content in comparison.