PP 5W30 Vs Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5W30

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Feb 13, 2007
I was at my local hardware store and came across a good price on Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5W30. This oil carries the MB/BMW specs. In my last oil change on my 2013 GLK350 my mechanic used Total Quartz.

I am wondering on this oil application in my '11 Civic Si with the K20Z3.
I have used GC and M1 and liked them both. Now I have found a sale on PP and this Total Quartz. I wouldn't mind trying something different. Knowing how good PP is, im wondering how it would stack against Total Quartz in my K20Z3...

If that Total Quartz oil carries MB/BMW specs, then it likely has HT/HS above 3.5 cP, and that's likely heavier than necessary for your Civic.

I'd probably stick to PP 5w-30.
I have used GC on many occasions with the same specs (I believe). I have zero oil consumption with the GC, where M1 I need to add 1L after 6000kms... I think my K20 likes a thicker oil
i would use the PP 5w30. I think engines are slightly more responsive on thinner oils. Just my personal opinion.

If Honda recommends an SAE 5w30 i would think that anything thicker is wasted power!
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