Pour point Depressents

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Jun 4, 2002
When I see a OTC 10/30 SJ GF2 Dino oil that specs at -44F Pour point then see the same oil get reformulated to meet SL GF3 specs and the pour point changes to -33F does that mean less pour point depressents have been used in the formulation and it will have a better NOAK ?
Well, what that tells me is that they may be using somewhat higher viscosity basestocks to achieve a better NOAK volatility rating for the SL qualification. If they would only add about 7-12% PAO they could retrieve the lower pour point levels, but then again, they are producing for a high volume market so why go to the extra effort!
The cST @ 212 was 10.2 for the SJ and 10.5 for the SL Was just a curiosity post to learn a bit more about such things. Actually this company makes a synthetic blend with 20-30 percent PAO. This oil I asked about is just another in their line of many. I thank ya for the reply [Smile] [ October 27, 2002, 10:01 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
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