M1 FS Euro 0w40 now API SP, Pour point raised per latest PDS

This oil has been 13.8cSt in the past. The KV100 has changed many, MANY times.

I'm interested to see a VOA or UOA to see if Calcium was significantly reduced or not.
True, I think VISOM was 13.5
I just took a look at pds and MSDS for the first time, besides the info here.
I am wondering now about two things:
1. HTHS? I am thinking considering PAO and GTL, this has to be 3.8cP at least.
2. SAPS.

The previous version has a seriously high SA level at 1.32%.
Mobil 1 actually had the API SP listed on their meets or exceeds chart for the FS 0w40 about 3-4 months ago, and then they took the SP away only after having it on their site for a week. I guess now they listed it back up again.

The MSDS hasn’t been updated since June 2022, so I’m guessing the SP thing might be a typo. But the thing I noticed this time was the PDS has been updated this month, and it does list API SP, so I don’t know.

I wouldn’t get excited just yet about the FS 0w40 being SP. It might be a typo, yet again. I could be wrong, only time will tell. Gotta keep an eye out at the shelves for that SP on the 0w40 bottles.