Pirelli All Season Plus

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Apr 23, 2003
Nowhere NM
Thinking of getting off the Michelin wagon and trying the Pirelli A/S+.
Does anyone here run a set of these and if so how do you like them. I understand their wet traction is a little less then Michelin but I live in the desert so that is not a big concern.
I'm currently running Primacy MXV4s, really good tire but soon to be discontinued and to be honest I can get Pirelli's for 2 hundred less then the new Mich.
Thanks for your help and opinions.
which tire? nothing matches Pirelli A/S+ that I could google?

can you add a link?
Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Which is only made in Mexico I think. I saw the hype video but was looking for some real owners who aren't paid shills for Pirelli to get some BITOG opinions.

Sorry I wasn't clear as to exactly what I intended to buy to fit the vehicles in my signature.

I have Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires on my Lexus GS300 right now. I'm very pleased with them. They are a very good all season tire. In fact, I just recommended them to a friend last week. I got them on 3-22-13 with 111K miles on the vehicle. I now have 124K and as I stated before, I really like these tires. They are very quiet (they are probably among the quietest tires I've ever owned. Probably has to do with their low rolling resistance, which is specifically a feature of the P7), smooth, and have excellent handling in rain and light snow. I have zero complaints about these tires. They had a rebate on them when I got them, I assume they are not still doing that a year and a half later.
In my application on Lincoln Towncar Pirelli P4 has been the winner for many years. Those Michelin Primacy you had before are also exceptional. I drive a lot on the wet roads though in Oregon, Washington. I sometimes replace tires twice a year - a lot of miles.
WOW, that's alot of tires every year!
The P7's are very quiet. They also look to be a very well made tire so i wouldnt worry that they are mfr'd in Mexico. The wet traction could be better but you sacrifice treadwear to upgrade to a more performance stickier tire. Dry traction is excellent and wet id say is average. Not terrible but not great. I put 20-25 k miles a year so i wanted a tire that would last long and so far im on my 2nd season with them and after 1 season i was down to 8/32.
Cinturato P7 All Season Plus seems to be getting pretty solid reviews. Nothing exceptional, but nothing bad either.

Seems like a solid quality all-season.
Originally Posted By: Hollow
Cinturato P7 All Season Plus seems to be getting pretty solid reviews. Nothing exceptional, but nothing bad either.

Seems like a solid quality all-season.

Exactly! These P7 A/S+ are nice on Mazda3 in the signature.
They go about their business daily without fuss. Although at proper PSI(door place card) in this particular car, the P7's can be a bit firm over broken pavement as though they're waaaaay over inflated. The last two previous sets of tires didn't do this but, they were "T" speed rated and the P7's are "H" speed rated.

But, this could be more of the suspension and age of the car, than the tires themselves!...Little car w/115K miles

All worn suspension part have been replaced along with shocks/struts & alignment so, the car is in solid condition, just getting old(er)! And I have not read any reviews of customers complaining of harsh ride with the P7's, even on same vehicle. The P7's are very smooth/quiet. Even quieter in this car than the previous Hankook Optimo H727's and Dunolp Signature's. I can't answer for the OE tires as the car was purchased @ 3 yrs old.

The P7's wet weather(hard rain)hydroplaning resistance is very good but, so have been the last 2 sets of tires. We haven't noticed any measurable MPG gains yet in >5000 miles. MPG is still good though and there is no lo$$.

Highway tracking may be the best thus far and cornering ability seems to be on par with other tires in this category but, nothing life altering!

As an addition to this, my SIL has the P7's on her '03 Mitsubishi Outlander 2WD and she loves'em.
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