Patio Pavers - Help

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Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
I dug out 7 inches or more, laid 3/4 inch stone 3 to 4 inches high. Plate compactor over it all. Threw a little sand on top and let it all settle in so rocks were no longer 'active', everything appears tight. Little water. Sat for a few days. I then put down inch and half srips and threw sand on and graded it over the inch and half boards, pretty level, did need some slope for run off. I did install one inch and a half paver and it was a bit low, not level with existing walk. But I know other parts might need a shade more sand so I would be at 1 1/2 some places and it might need 2.5 possibly 3 in other places. So should I pull up sand as best I can, lay more crushed stone then sand over that? Lay more sand? (Read enough that no more then 2 inches)?? The pavers are 16 x 16. Advice/recommendations.
I'm just finishing up my first short retaining wall and getting educated on proper materials and procedures was an effort. Advice varies and I had to weed out the bad stuff. After doing this much simpler retaining wall, I have gained great respect for the correct preparation needed to do pavers correctly. Sorry, but I cannot actually help you. However, I am concerned about the 3/4 inch stone you used for the base. Paver base means different things in different regions. Does your stone include fines?? If not, I would be concerned that the sand will sift down into the stone and ruin your job. For my wall, local landscape firms recommended and use 23A which is stones under 3/4 inch mixed with fines so that it binds up. Here is a link that recommends what I learned locally: Just my thoughts. You need to learn what your region uses. If I am apologies.
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