Oil recommendation retro fit hydraulic roller 400 SBC 500+hp

I agree, Steve initially did want to cut it with less separation. But at the time, my brother was convinced he was going to be racing it frequently (VIR is nearby) and spraying every time, so after some discussion Tanzi relented and said since it was going to be bottle-fed all the time he could justify the low-end loss of torque because of the lack of advance. He still suggested the possibility of advancing it 2 or 4 degrees with the timing set... like a Hex-A-Just or belt drive.

Is he still around at Lunati or DYK?
He sold real estate around Gardnerville, NV, worked at a radiator place, had a bike shop/repair, something with Lunati, his dad had a casino I think in Tahoe.
Don't try and arm wrestle him, he'll break your arm. I found him an easy guy to get along with, but set in his ways and a hard nut to crack.
Born in 1950 he'll be 73 this year.
Steele who went to Howards on the other hand, was more willing to think outside the box and try different things if it made sense.
Here's food for thought; Exhaust follows the exhaust valve down as it opens, therefore it makes sense that exhaust velocity will increase with RPM.
Yes, no, maybe, too many other variables to say? Some engine builders like to put a 30 degree seat on the intake and leave the exhaust @ 45 and "sink" the valve, so the exhaust flow doesn't "take off" too soon and kill velocity. For every lobe profile you see, there's an intake and exhaust master with slightly different opening and closing ramps. You could order a cam with all intake lobes or exhaust lobes, different firing orders like the 4/7 swap and different LCAs for every cylinder and play with rocker ratios. Or go solenoid actuated and let a computer do it for you.
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Looks like it crosses to the:


Which does not have a synthetic media upgrade option, nor does Donaldson (I checked them too).

So, your best option may be the Mercury Marine filter @UncleDave mentioned unless you want to pony up for the AMSOIL EaO, which is the EAO24 if you want a part #.

thank you for your research and quick references to help me out.
Did we ever get a test on this filter?

The merc racing filter is basically an EAO.

thank you for this reference I will try and find one of these filters. I am installing my engine saturday hopefully so i'll learn what type of clearance my new headers have for an oil filter, hope it is enough for this mer racing filter you recommended.