Another new car (Toyota Highlander) owner seeking the: "Best Oil"

Dec 5, 2022
We just purchased a '22 Toyota Highlander FWD w/V6. I've been searching & reading up on oil recommendations. My previous experience is mostly conventional oil & flat tappet camshafts. I was surprised to see thin 0W-20 oil recommended. I've been running Valvoline VR1 20W-50 & Delo 400 with Fleetguard/Wix/Napa Gold filters in my previous vehicles. Just noticed that Wix filters are manufactured in China now.

Should I stay with Valvoline brand? I see many Highlander owners discussing the use of 5W-30. We keep our vehicles for a long time. I'm interested in the best engine wear protection available. I'm located at 5K elevation with temperatures ranging from down into the teens & up into the 100+ range. Dry & dusty environment.

Seeking advice/recommendations on brand/type of oil, viscosity, high quality filters & service intervals.

Thank you.
They do. But they don’t have a vested interest in getting your car to 300k+ miles.
I'm sure lots of Toyotas have gone 300k on even longer than 10k oci's. I mean besides a couple of known sludger engines they have produced, there's not many brands of vehicles stay on the road longer than they do.
Dry, dusty, cold and hot I'd run at 5k oci and if keeping for a long time like you said any synthetic 0/5w30 or even the thin 0w40, even under warranty. Just keep it changed.