Oil for Toyota 2 ZZ-GE engine

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Sep 19, 2002
Just purchased an '04 Toyota Matrix XRS (2 ZZ-GE engine). I have read the forums about the potentially fragile nature of the engine and want to protect it as best as possible. Owner's Manual mandates 5W-30 in all climates. I won't be racing this tall wagon, but occasional redline bursts are not out of the question

Was considering Mobil 1, but I think it may be a bit thin. I appreciate any recommendations.
Mobil 1 would be excellent in this engine. Don't worry about it being too thin. That is a misconception. Redline 5w-30 and Amsoil 5w-30 are other great choices as well.
Is it me or on UOA's Amsoil,Redline always come out thicker on the high end compared to M1 and pretty much any other oil?They still are in the 30W range but they seem definitly higher in the range.

The Redline 5W30 in a Toyota V6 showed excellent results with around 5K OCI with the Redline ending up around at 11.8cst.Maybe this engine likes a heavier X-W30?

Originally posted by tgharch:

Owner's Manual mandates 5W-30 in all climates.

If you wanted you could use the 10.7 cSt 5w-30 Mobil Drive Clean Plus New Car Synthetic Blend while the engine is running in and test it after the 2nd interval . Who knows, you might not switch to a full synthetic if it does well ?

Are you still using Mobil dino in your truck ?

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Buster, I knew I could count on you for an M1 recommendation

I will be using dino at the first interval to ensure a good run-in of the engine before switching to synthetic. Dealer offers $8.00 oil changes with Toyota filter and Citgo bulk oil. Dunno what I'm going to do, yet. I have plenty of time to decide. I have been running M1 in my wife's car for 4 yrs and have had no problems. Thanks for the replies.


Are you still using Mobil dino in your truck ?

Motorbike, you might have me confused with another board member that has a similar name. I don't have a truck.
This is enigne has a high power density and runs hot! You will notice that you have heat in the dead of winter in 3/10 of a mile. I think you should consider a good synthetic 5W30 or 5W40. If you want to take advantage of the 7500 mile oil change interval you will need to use synthetic. Very few of the Toyota engines can realy do well on 5W30 dino and 7500 oil changes! I really do not think it is going to matter much if you use Redline, Mobil-1, Amsoil........ If you decide to use dino oil do not leave it in their any longer then 3000 miles!!
Most of my driving will be to and from work (about 4 mi.) in suburban type traffic. I will be changing at 5000 miles max.

With the power that this little engine puts out and the rpms that it is capable of (8200 rpm redline), I am surprised that synthetic is not mandated.

I will be taking it easy during run-in. Currently factory oil is in the engine. Any suggestions on when to change out the factory oil. Do we have any evidence that Toyota is using special "break-in" oil?

I have been thinking about Scheaffer's synthetic. I would think that the moly would be good for those highly loaded main and rod bearings.

Originally posted by JohnBrowning:
This is enigne has a high power density and runs hot! You will notice that you have heat in the dead of winter in 3/10 of a mile. I

Hmm.. My 200 hp 2.2L VTEC engine also warms up very quick, I get heat a few mins after I drive off, even at -20 Deg C. Would that qualify it as high power density engine?

I'm using GC 0w30 right now, would this oil not work well in this Toyota engine?
I have a 1zz-fe in my matrix and it gets heat very quickly too. It's also a 1.8L engine and I've had good luck with the M1 5w30 as well.

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