Oil for 1 Ton Water Truck

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Nov 29, 2002
Hey, I recently got a new job working for a guy who hauls water. He gave me a new truck to use. It's a 2004 Ford F450 with 12 miles on the engine. It's a gas V10. I believe it's the 6.8L If I remember right. Since I will be driving this everyday and all day and hauling a big *** water tank in the back I will be responsible for maintence and gas. Although he will pay me for mileage and by the hour it's still my responsibilty. The truck still has the stock 5w20 oil in it and motorcraft filter. The truck is obviously still in it's break-in period. So far he's only driven it from the dealership to his house. He wants to start hauling water right away. What do you experts reccomend for break in oil while it's hauling water? His last truck that went South on him was a Chevy 3500 with a 454 in it because the rearend went dead. He said he used Rotella 15w40 in it and it ran great. So what oil should we use to help this thing break in safely but yet still haul water without burning up the engine or premature wear?? Thanks,,,,,AR
I would run one of the HDEO 10W-30 oils such as Chevron Delo 10W-30. The best thing you can do to help that truck is to get an excellent lube in the rear end and transmission and change them often. The stress on those parts is severe in a water truck with is started and stopped all the time. Heavy load, lots of start up torque. Ouch. I would find out which Schaeffer's lubes are recommended for the transmission and rear end and put those in asap. Then change 'em out at least once per year. John
Since you don't own the truck, I'd suggest sticking with Monkeycraft 5W-20 and their filters till the end of the warranty period. If you're going to do the oil changes (as opposed to taking it someplace to have it done), I'd also suggest keeping all records just in case an in-warranty claim is needed. After the warranty period you can go nuts with whatever oil brand and viscosity turns you on. And I agree on the regular maintenance of driveline components.
You probably want to run the original tranny and rear end fluids for a while until the metal parts mate up so that when you drain it the initial wear metals will go out with it. How long is the question, 2000 miles, 4000?
First of all, congrats an getting to drive a brand new Ford super duty truck at your job. That's pretty cool. I would talk to the service manager at the dealer who sold him the truck. If he recommends MC 5w20 then use that. If he actually recommends something heavier try and get him to put it in writing. Based on the OUA's that MC 5w20 posted here in trucks towing a load, I think it would be fine.
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