Oil flooded cylinder.

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Apr 24, 2009
I had a sparkplug gasket rip, thus filling a cylinder with oil, I had to remove the spark plug so it all flushed down to cylinder #3. When I started it back up it smoked for about 10 minutes. The issue here is I just seafoamed my car about 2 days before this, so im quite worried about the oil carbons I just reinduced back into the engine from burning the oil.

Should I do another seafoam treatment from the vac line, or will running a few bottles of chevron techron in the next few fillups eventually do the same thing?
What happened here??? Please explain. What engine? what make car? How many miles? Did you have reason to do the seafoam? ---- Old tommy
1995 nissan 240sx, ka24de 2.4 around 110k miles.

I was changing the valve cover gaskets, and apon unplugging one of the wires oil shot up into my eyes. I tried to soak most of it out with paper towels, however the rest I had to let fall into the engine by removing the spark plug. The oil was from a torn/half missing spark plug gasket on the valve cover.

I seafoamed the engine before that for general tuneup reasons.

I use amsoil syn 5w30, so Im sure when I started the engien and let the oil burn out, it didnt just burn out like petrol, it probably caked some things.

Just wondering if the fuel cleaners will reach everything the burnt oil would, or if another amsoil power foam treatment is in order.
Thanks Bigskye, I understand now. Probably less than 1 oz. of oil went into cyl. #3. Even that much can make a lot of smoke. As you are using a good synthetic like Amsoil, IMO the rings will not likely suffer any ill effects. If it makes you happy , you might use a bottle of Techron or equivalent. I assume you replaced the spark plgs at the same time you were doing the gasket and tube seals. And BTW, WECOME TO BITOG!! ---Old tommy
How much oil really? A sparkplug hole worth?

Some cars burn 1qt/1000 miles. A spark plughole isnt 1qt.

if youre using API SM oil, you should have a relatively converter-friendly oil.

I'd just check the plug from time to time to look for fouling, run a fuel add for a number of tanks (Amsoil PI or redline SI-2 forexample), and not worry.
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