I used 14 fuel system cleaners in 1 OCI and looked at it with an endoscope

direct injected or NOT, info on line SHOWS since fuel NEVER touches the valves theres NO help there where its needed $$$$ most!
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I can count on one hand how many times I've tried fuel injection cleaners. Just not impressed with what I see for results.
It wasn't clear to me from your first post that you were not exceeding the concentration of additives "by a lot". Just throwing it out there in case it was helpful to you.
Yes, I used concentration according to cleaner’s manual. But much more often during OCI
? You said he was referring to DI and I quoted him saying that fuel doesn’t touch valves either way. That implies port injection does not have fuel touching valves. I politely asked if there is information I was not aware of, because port injection does have fuel touching the valves.
I was referring to his port injection comment when he stated direct injection. Everyone knows port touches valves also keeps them cool. 😎
Found the PDS:
Any SDS information & availability? Don't see it at the ADVLubrication webstore.

Still got 2 cans of BG 44k which I usually get at the local dealership, looking to see how that stacks up in cleaning potency.
It’s got all the fancy stuff in it, which means it’s got to be shipped as HAZMAT… which I heard is like $50 per case on top of the cost of the product and regular shipping, which means this makes it insanely expensive vs. local pickup.

However, Dave mentioned you literally can’t get a stronger, more complete fuel system cleaner than the HPL one; it covers every aspect: carbs, injectors, storage, combustion, corrosion, etc. This means if you pick it up it’s an unparalleled value since you’ll only have to buy one product for everything.

@High Performance Lubricants, if you’re kind enough to hold another open house, it would be neat to take “pre-orders” on this (since demand is obviously there) and allow people to pick up their fuel system cleaner from the plant. 😉
Kinda find that hard to believe unless that only applies to California regulations, or its really formulated with actual strong industrial solvents that only makes the product marketed to professional shop use only.