Oil darkness

Yaull just made me go look at the oil in my dipstick...... :(

For revenge I refuse to divulge what it looks like at 4000 miles on 4.5qts of RGT with a .75qt "kicker" of QS SAE 30HD.

In that case, none of the three brands of synthetic I've used so far in the Toyota has worked properly. In does darken some, but very slowly, compared to any other engine I've been acquainted with. Maybe all the soot that's not in the oil is stuck to the pistons?

I have noticed this with our Toyota too. Idk how they do it. Even after 5k miles it’s still hard to see on the dipstick. The Pentastar im accustomed to would turn almost diesel black in 5k miles. Then again it just had a rocker arm fail at 73k miles. Pennzoil Platinum it’s whole life and never went the full 10k miles recommended by dodge. I am to the point it doesn’t matter what oil you use so long as it meets the specs and you change it. If you have a bad engine it will failand a good one will live forever.