Oil Change Coming Up - Redline / LC Combo - Yay or Nay

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
BMW X5 4.4L Changed oil out at 3K and also at 7K with Redline 5W30. Car is a bit past 12K (5000 miles) and I'm planning to do a oil change this week. I'm planning a UOA on this oil and the next. On this oil change, I will once again use Redline 5W30. Should I try this with LC or not ? On my next OCI, (late November), I will be change it out with GC 0W30. I'm planning a UOA of the Redline with TBN and then I'm going to follow the same steps as above with the GC. Any benefits with LC in the oil ?
Chef, If you plan on running the Redline for more than 7,000 miles, you should use the LC to prevent the TBN from being depleted in the Redline.
I would have to think RL is more than capable on its own for that relatively low amount of miles. Running it on its own gives you a clearer picture of how well the oil is doing on its own as well. I say skip the LC until a later time when you can use it to compare to baseline test. good luck either way.
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