Oil Analysis

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May 27, 2002
London, AR
We have over 3500 Oil Analysis on the Board. These represent a very wide cross section of engines and various oils. I went back a year and looked at some. Then all the way back to 2002. Very interesting. I recommend that you take the time to look at some of these.

I think the UOAs and VOAs are a great resource. However, I have found the list to be somewhat cumbersome (PDF vs text, added commments vs none, entire analysis vs subset of the data, ect.). I am curious if the members would be interested in hiring someone to enter the raw data so that it could be examined systematically (by brand, by weight, by engine, by miles, adjusted for miles, ect.).

On the other hand, I assume that some the UOA labs have such databases already. Do you think they would share?
I have been following another thread and have come to the conclusion that these data may be doing more harm than good. As one of my statistics profs used to say, "Data should not be used as the drunkard uses a light post - It should enlighten, not support." If we have enough data points, we may be able to draw some conclusions. However, statistical validity is a must.
If you look at the UOA's from Red Line oil you will see odd numbers in most cases. It takes a real expert like Terry to decipher some of them. So naturally Red Line does not like UOA's.
My ONLY complaint with this site is the search engine is a little lame. If the searches could be made more precise than the raw data would be much easier to extract. Imagine if you could search only your brand & weight of oil and only your make and size of engine. Then compare to other brands etc. Only a little constructive criticism, I love this place.
It sucks royally when folks use links to reports. Just when you find the juicy thread and click on it....NO STINKING REPORT....please don't use .pdf linked, or links at ALL. Most amateur links are good for a year, maybe two and then poof, gone. It's really easy to type and drop them in code.
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