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Jun 11, 2003
Hedgesville, WV
Well I guess I will jump in and hit the dead horse too. I just bought a new Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab truck and it has the 5.7L Hemi engine. I have done a search and havent found much info on what seems to work well or is recommended. I changed the factory fill at 450 miles with a mopar filter and Penzoil 5W30. I am right at 1000 miles now and am preparing to make my 2nd breakin change. Here in Balto the temps are starting to climb and I will be pulling a small travel trailer this summer (3000 lbs). I was going to change to a Pulolator filter and Chevron Supream 10W30 because of the towing and heat. After finding this board though I am thinking of just going to Mobil 1. I might mention that this is mostly a weekend and vacation driver so I change the oil every 4 mos regaurdless of milage which is usually less than 2000 miles. I am more concerned with preventing sludge and varnish and protection on startup than with cost of oil. Given this is a fairly high compresion engine at 345 hp 345 cu/in, what would you reccomend. Thanks Sam
First off, [Welcome!] and congrats on the new truck. I feel prevention of sludge lies more with frequent oil and filter changes more than using a specific oil. Mobil1 is a fine oil, if you use it make sure to stay within your manufacturer's drain interval and viscosity recommendation to keep your warranty alive. Chevron Supreme, Castrol GTX or any of the better SL rated oils at 3,000 mile intervals would work just fine. BTW, "That thang got a Hemi in it?" [Big Grin]
If you will be changing the oil and filter every 4 months then I would stick with a Good Dino Oil, Chevron, Halvoline, Pennzoil or Castrol GTX with a Wix or Purolator filter. With that frequent of a change interval you should never have to worry about sludge.
Chevron Supreme is an excellent oil and would certainly be a good choice.. If you are concerned with sludge you will avoid that by changing it at the schedule that you are suggesting or 3K whichever comes first. If you want some extra protection and less frequent oil changes Mobil 1 would be a good choice. You can certainly go 6K under probably any circumstances with the 10W-30 Mobil 1. If I were doing some serious towing in very hot weather I would probably go with the Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40, Mobil 1 0W-40, or thicken up the 10W-30 with a 25% solution of the Mobil 1 15W-50. I probably would wait a few thousand miles though before going to a 40 wt. As you check out this board you will educate yourself and be able to make a more informed decision. There is not always total disagreement here but there are many informed folks who are worth listening to [Smile] [Welcome!]
I would go with the M1 10-30. Since you drive less than 2000 every 4 months you might as well just change the oil at 6 months and that should put you closer to 3000-4000 miles. [Burnout] Schaeffers oil seems like good stuff too according to what I have read here on the boards. [Welcome!] [Cool]
Thanks for all the good info guys. I have always worried about what might collect in the oil just from its sitting time. I try and make my last trip of the weekend a fairly long one, even if I have to go out of my way and take the long way home to try and burn off any water before letting it sit all week and sometimes two. I guess the modern dino is much improved from when I was a kid. My mom always managed to send her cars to an early grave in the 60's by driving short trips and only having the oil changed every 6000 miles, maybe once a year. Her cars would always start burning oil and blowing blue smoke by the time they hit 40k or so. I used to cringe when I helped my dad change the oil and that black syrup would come out, thats when I started changing oil every 3 or 4 mos and now I have flashbacks when I see dirty oil on the dipstick. Sam
I've used M1 5W30 and 0W30 in my '03 Ram, 5.7... The best for sound at least is what I currenly have in it; 6 qt 0W40 and 1qt 5W40... Will do a UOA at 5K... The truck runs great...
You can't go wrong with Mobil 1. Amsoil is another good choice. As far as cold weather pumpability, I have found Mobil is superior. My motors turn alot easier with Mobil. Amsoil seemed to turn motors slower in winter. I use 5w30 in winter, and 10w-30 in the summer.
With a 2,000 mile OCI any dino, including Wally World 5w30 at $0.82 a quart, would serve you well. Just use a good filter (Purolator is a fine choice) and roll on.
I think Chevron/Havoline 10W30 would be a good and cheap choice. Where have seen Chevron at in the DC metro area(i'm in Montgomery county)?
SEBZX79, Two things you are not considering. Running 15w-40 in the northeast going into winter is maybe not such a good idea. I see you are running a much better cold flowing 0w-40. samven is racking up 2,000 miles every 4 months. That's over a year and a half oil change interval you and JR are suggesting(10,000). Again maybe not such a good idea on a brand new(as this is) vehicle or any other. So again I say! [crushedcar]
I think leanintoit's comment was based on the fact that JR is recommending Delvac 1300 not Moblil 1. samven lives in MD not a warmer climate like the Texas. Dino Delvac may be a good choice year round in the south, but questionable in the northeast. [Cheers!]
There is nothing wrong with JR running 10k oci with mobil1. THere is planty of people on this board that do that and have engines that oulast the vehicle. I run 8-10k OCI on M1 0w40 with great success. His engines are in much better shape then 95% of the population.
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