Oil Filter Change Interval Clarification/Input

Try changing the oil filter on a TRD Pro 4Runner, the skid plate weighs 30lbs or so. I am in the same boat, now it's at 25k, not doing 10k oil changes I'm thinking about just dumping the oil this time and running the filter another 5k. Factory Toyota filter, rated for 10k oil change intervals.
Wow! I just watched a few vids on changing the oil filter for a Ram HEMI. That placement certainly calls for an Oil Udder...or it may be worth just taking it to a local shop for the filter change; especially if you only change the filter every 10k. Let them clean it up!

Back to the question...5k oil and 10k filter change will work well with the Boss. Even lower tier filters would be fine, as would the Mopar filter.
Yeah it's ridiculous. Many use a gallon zip lock bag.