need advise! valve cover gasket?

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Oct 23, 2008
Montreal, canada
Hi guys! since I asked you about viscosity between Mobil 1 and Pennzoil because I had a problem with oil consumption going up only when I switched from a brand to another, I started to diagnose some possibilities... (I saw my car from behind and there is absolutely no smoke from the exhaust at full throttle, de-aceleration etc)

First, the car always took about 1 qt of oil every 4-6k miles due to a small seepage from the timing chain cover gasket. Since maybe 5k miles now, the car seems to take about 1 qt for 2k-3k miles. Its a cadillac cts year 2005, 3.6l vvt engine. I have Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 in it, what is suppose to be in there (gm4718m spec).

The leak from the timing chain cover gasket concern me a little since I found something else, kinda related.. you'll see.

Below the plastic engine cover, there's the plenium. Below the plenium (intake), there are the coils and valve cover. Only the on the driver side, on the valve cover, its kinda cover of grease (or oil). Its always wet there so I decided to take off one coil to check under there:




As you can see, the hole for the plugs are clean. But its leaking around the cover where the coil fits. Is this a valve cover gasket related?

If so, is it a DIY jobs?

If I take off the valve cover, I would be able to take off the timing chain cover and change those 3 timing chains while at it and changing the timing chain cover gasket while I'm at it, do you think I should do it?

Do you think the small seepage from timing chian cover gasket and from the coils could lead to a 1 qt per 1k-1.5k miles?

Caddy dealer just check by eyes my engine and tols me its a ring and valve seals + gaskets jobs. 20 hours + parts + tax = 3600$ job.

I'm out of warranty... I really need advise guys!

Thanks, Mark!

Sorry if I'm writting a little wrong, I'm doing the best I can to write in english! :D
Originally Posted By: Spykem4e
Caddy dealer just check by eyes my engine and tols me its a ring and valve seals + gaskets jobs. 20 hours + parts + tax = 3600$ job.

Holy [censored]!!@!1@!!!!!!!!!!

Never go to that dealer again. And convince as many people as possible to never go there again either. That is about the worst case of highway robbery I've ever seen. You simply need new spark plug hole O-rings. Couldn't cost more than $40-50 for all 8 including the valve cover gaskets.
GM dealerships aren't selling cars and the people are starving so they are probably trying to drum up business in service by selling people products/service they don't need. This is highway robbery and no way to treat customers.

Then they wonder why they are going bankrupt, this only adds to it!
Then go to the media after you have it fixed for CHEAP and tell them how you were scammed.

Get a quote from the dealership on paper. Make up an excuse by saying you need it for your job who is paying etc... Then you will have proof!

You could make money from a lawsuit! It is the US after all
Unfortunately, I live in montreal so I cant go to court against them!

Thats exactly what I thought when the tech told me its a piston rings and valve + timing chain + gasket etc for a 3600$ job. I was like.. hmm okay.. dammit! So I decided to investigate a little. I took the plugs from the driver side out and took some picture. I'm very sad against the dealership that try to scam me (thats why I post my problem here, usually I'm able to do the job myself. The only thing I dont take chance is working on the transmission and differential. Prior to this dealership, I went at an other next to my house and they wanted to charge me 400-600$ only for a diagnostic. Thats hy I ended up to the other dealership. I'm kinda tired of all this.. anyway..

Yes its oil jkhawaii, I wipe off some on the valve cover but the crusty stuff, I dont know what this is. If someone can tell us what it is

Could this seepage be related to my 1 qt every 2k miles approx?

You want the best part guys? The quote, I have it on paper.. written by the supervisor hand, not on an official dealership paper.. I dont get it. Its sad because I do love my cts but if the dealerships around my place are all like that, I wont buy a GM again...
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Originally Posted By: Spykem4e

Caddy dealer just check by eyes my engine and tols me its a ring and valve seals + gaskets jobs.

If they only did a visual inspection take the car to someone you trust for a compression test and leak down test. Then you will know if you do have a problem with the rings and valve seals. Spending a little money on 2 tests will save you allot of heartache.

leakdown and compression test

Unless your leak is fairly large you have a bigger problem then some leaky gaskets. Some of your consumption could be PCV related. The "crusty stuff" is most likely sealant applied to the valve cover spark plug gaskets.
Replace your PCV valve and clean the hoses. Replace the valve cover gaskets & spark plug seals. Then go get some Valvoline Maxlife and run it for 3 OCI's and see what happens to your leaks.
The pcv is integrated in the intake of in the valve cover. here's the picture of the engine. The pcv is in the red circle (driver side)

the other side with the circle and the "?" mark, I dont know what it is.

Maybe someone can help me figure out how to change or clean this pcv. When the engine is running, I unplugged the tubing and blocked the hole with my finger. Nothing happened. When take off my finger, you could here the pcv doing a little pshhhh. I dont know if it helps lol


Your ? side appears to be fresh air inlet for the PCV sytem. Most modern systems have a fresh air inlet side and an exhaust side where the PCV valve is located. The only inspection of a PCV system is looking for cracked or damaged lines and check/replacing the valve.


I would still recommend the 2 tests I mentioned before.
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Thanks a lot. To change the valve over gasket and to test compression, I have to take off the plenum. The leak down with air, I'm not sure if I can do it. Maybe I'll leave that to a professionnal or a non-caddy-stealership around somewhere in montreal.
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