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Jan 26, 2012
Hawkinsville Ga
We await the passing of my 79 year old mom. Friday night my mom was out walking with my sister and her dog. The dog went behind mom and the leash caught her behind her knees causing them to buckle and she went down....not a hard fall and it appeared she just suffered a minor scrape on her knee. My sister and mom walked back to her house and all seemed normal with mom talking and walking ok. Not too much later she said she felt a little wobbly and when my sister was checking her over, stated she couldn't move her right leg. Sis called for an ambulance and after the obligatory neck brace, began the transfer to the emergency room. Enroute, my sister said the ambulance suddenly turned on the emergency lights and siren and picked up speed. The diagnosis from several medical exams revealed she had suffered a severe stroke. Mom had expressed her desires many times to not sustain life if anything happened. Naturally, my sister and I had them perform tests to determine the extent of damage and the results show paralysis on her right side, probably no speach, and she does not seem to recognize anyone. It was a very hard decision to remove life support but, as I am finding out now, it is tougher waiting for the outcome.....she is still clinging to life as of this morning. I don't have any questions for this group and I guess I'm writing this to make myself feel better....who knows y'know? My mom lived a very full and active life, she has lived all over the world, enjoyed playing her role as a military officers wife, collected antiques from the far corners of the earth, was considered an expert bridge player (played five days each week with several groups), and was fortunate to have many, many friends. I am fortunate to be able to call her mom and I am very fortunate to have the priviledge of calling her my friend. Goodbye mom.....the world is a much emptier place without you.
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It sounds like she has had a very full life, and you have many wonderful memories with her. It's the right thing to do to respect her wishes to take no extraordinary means to sustain life if she was incapacitated. My mother is up around the same age, and I worry about this kind of thing with her, too.
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So sorry...will keep you in my prayers.
X2 Hang in there bud, Lost my mom 3 years ago, still hurts to this day.
Many here can empathize with your feelings. Life can change in minutes. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It sounds like you have many great memories to cherish. Take care.
Waiting for death after removal of life sustaining equipment is something I've had to watch myself. Pop-pop's(Mom's Dad) body wanted to live on even without his mind. Took him another 4-5 hours after they removed the equipment for his lungs and heart to actually stop working. I couldn't stand to be there and watch so I drove around as my girlfriend(now wife) would say never being more than 10 miles away from the hospital in circular pattern. He died of similar circumstances only his started as blood clot in his brain. He also never went to the doctor, EVER. So he most likely had high blood pressure & cholesterol. I think it had something to do with his 2 other children dying at such a young age. So I guess the only thing I can offer is time heals, not right away but eventually. Knowing she lived a full and enriching life certainly would make me feel a little better.
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