Motul Specific - LL-01FE

Atlanta, GA USA
Originally Posted by hellokitty
Is this oil new? Anyone use it before? I found it browsing the Motul website. Looking for something that is LL-01FE for my 2017 M3. Still difficult to find but you can buy it online for a reasonable price.
Why would you not just go to BMW dealership and pay $6/qt BMW TPT oil which is essentially Pennzoil Euro L oils? It's very robust and a good quality oil. Plus you'd be covered for warrant purposes.
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I have two jugs of this on my workbench right now for the next M5 oil change. It is a new product as of late last year as far as I can tell. It meets spec so I'm interested to see how it goes. There's not much if any data on this oil available from Motul. Wonder why they haven't released any yet...or have I just not found it?