Mobil 1 a buck a quart

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Jul 10, 2003
Houston, Tx.
Found Mobil 1 0W-30 a dollar a quart at Walmart. Not what I run, but I could not resist. Now the question. If I mix 50/50 with 10W-30, will I have 5W-30? Sounds right, but I would like verification. Thanks.
I suppose this was in a Texas Wallmart. People in the southern states don't trust the 0w, and don't really need it. It doesn't sell well, and in the end I suppose gets closed out, but if you do your research here it is good oil.

That's how I goet a bunch of it. A local auto parts store was closing, and when the discount was high it was the only oil left on the shelf. I took all that was left. It's a bit volatile, so you may have to add some after a while.
whlarsen, Use the 0w-30 with Lube Control and enjoy the low cost of good lubrication. A little #132 mixed in could help. With analysis I could fine tune the mix for you.

As far as vis and mixing No it won't be a 5w-30 but one of the chemists like Molakule or Rick 20 may be able to.

I would be afraid to mix the 10w-30 with this at all.

Where specifically did you get it at $1 a qt ?

Great deal.
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