Mechanic says change oil

The "Triple Action" formulation came out last year, and Mobil increased the alkylated naphthalene concentration drastically. That means that it cleans better than the old formulation. It also has a lot more anti oxidants, which also turn dark/black as temperature rises. That's why I asked.
The real question here is why is the thermostat being changed.

If you are experiencing overheat problems, it's likely NOT the thermostat.
Northstar engines were susceptible to head gasket failure, but RARELY did they fail in a way that would allow water into the oil. The common failure showed up as engine overheat due to exhaust gasses accumulating in the cooling system.

If you are having overheat issues, make sure there is full flow from the small rubber hose that comes from the top of the throttle body, and goes to the coolant reservoir. This was there to insure no air is in the cooling system.
If it is plugged, REMOVE the hollow bolt at the throttle body and clean it out. DO NOT use air to blow the stoppage back into the engine, it must be removed.

If you have full flow, and it spurts air periodically while the engine is running, you have a head gasket leak.
Just protecting. Saw old t stat....i looked worn. Changed 4 years ago. Will change again in another 4.
Mostly pre-2000 Northstars and those are mostly all dead by now. I'm surprised it's not leaking and burning oil fast enough to stay clean.
I take extremely good care of it......and i ask questions at the bobistheoilguy forums so my ignorance doesn't ruin my car.
Mechanic says oil needs to be.changed because it's dark. OLM says 63% remaining life....oil was changed 2200 miles ago in January.
Sounds like the oil is loaded with contaminants too fine for the filter to trap. That can't be a good thing. Just because the particles are too small for the filter to trap, doesn't mean they won't cause wear. The oil life monitor is a gimmick used by the marketing department to sell you on it being a low maintenance car. It doesn't analyze the oil and measure the level of contaminants. It uses a program that takes into account many variables such as number of cold starts or idling time to estimate how worn out the oil is. It can't detect excessive blowby or gasoline dilution from sticking injectors. 3,000 mile OCIs were the gold standard up until 30 or 40 years ago, yet the engines are still basically the same. Only the ancillary components are updated.
My oil is still a nice light gold, still transparent when I'm down to 7% oil life....4100 miles in 3 months. Lots of starts and lots of idle time, but also lots of highway.
If it's getting dark by 63% it's probably either cleaning out deposits, or has blowby.
Is this on the dipstick or when drained? My oil always looks golden colored on the dipstick, then when drain into drain pan it’s black
This is one of those situations where you have to do what makes you feel good. It is bothering you somewhat, or else you wouldn't have posted this thread.

You can argue this either way until the cows come home. If changing it makes you feel better, then by all means I would change it.

I just changed the oil and filters on all 3 of my vehicles earlier this week. I do this twice a year. Every Spring and Fall. I don't even attempt to drive anywhere near what the "oil life meter" says before I change it.

After I'm done, (it usually takes me about 3 hours start to finish), I feel better. Especially after looking at that 5 gallon jug of dark, dirty oil, on its way to Autozone...... That most would say is perfectly good for thousands of miles more. And it probably is........ In someone else's car, not mine.

It's super easy and cheap to do. I also look around at everything under the hood, and under the car while it's draining. Who knows what you'll find that otherwise would have gone unnoticed?
Is this on the dipstick or when drained? My oil always looks golden colored on the dipstick, then when drain into drain pan it’s black
On the dipstick and in my hands when I spill it. It's black in the pan because the pan is black and full of junk residue in the bottom.
Seems like an excellent reason. I mean, if when going to the bathroom you notice it's red.......well I better not go there. :ROFLMAO:
He just changed the oil! What is wrong with you guys?!

What I haven't read is how long the OP has owned and has been servicing this car.

If he has done the last three oil changes with a quality lubricant - I would put his mechanics comment on ...

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