Makita DML 801 LED flashlight - awesome!

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Oct 21, 2015
Hi all; I don't have many opportunities to contribute to the forum so thought I would offer a hopefully helpful recommendation of my latest tool. After looking at a couple of flashlights, I decided on the Makita DML 801. I already have their 18V cordless drill (with hammer drill function) that I love so I looked at what Makita offers. They call it a flashlight but it is more like a floodlight. It is reticulating with several positive stops and uses the same 18V Li ion battery as their drill. It has a neat built-in swivel hook so you can hang it from the latch of an open hood or anything else handy around a project you're working on. For a compact light, it is actually quite bright and even has a low light mode for even longer battery life - 17 hours on bright mode and 40 hours on low mode on a single charge (if you have the highest capacity 5 Ah battery). What I really like is with the battery pack attached, it is just heavy enough to be stable when you set it down, and yet not too heavy if you have to hold it if you know what I mean. In the hand, it is well-balanced too, just like the drill. I already used it for working under a sink and it was great and am looking forward to my next oil change and using it instead of my usual corded trouble light. Best part is it was only $40 on Amazon (without battery). Makita also has some other cool cordless products that work with the 18V battery like the cordless grass clipper which I'm thinking of next. Well, hope that's helpful if you're looking for a new light!
I got one and a free battery during a HD deal last year. Keep eyes peeled...
Yup once this style of battery powered work light became bright and cheap, I ditched all my corded lights. I have an Energizer one that has magnets built into the back so you can just stick it to the underside of a hood or a body panel and get targeted light.
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