Mag1 synthetic or fram synthetic help me choose!

But ...think it's good too use fram 10w30 synthetic in 18-27 degree weather?or the Pennzoil ultra?

Here is a good thread on that same subject.

Just like keeping things local. As for corporate thing, Amelia and warren are independant. Corporations yes,but not the big greedy rockefeller and JP morgan like ones. So for me I saw fram synthetic and mag1..but he only carries the synthetic in 5w30,and I know its a Mich higher noack valatility. I really like the black of 10w30,s. Way less vapor loss.
So! For 22-27 degree temps,jan/Feb here...think fram synthetic 10w30 would be ok!? Or 9 year old Pennzoil ultra 10w30?
Even Havoline Pro DS would work say and Walmart that would be local right?